Vlees & Co Arnhem

We want to share our passion for the best beef in a unique setting in the best steakhouse of the Netherlands! Thats why we work together with the best suppliers and select the most amazing breeds. We are proud we are the official partner of the World Steak Challenge!

On our menu, which we change on a regular basis, you will find the best steaks. From sustainably raised grass-fed Dutch beef to the most unique cuts from brands such as Scandinavian Swami Beef, Creekstone Black Angus USA and Japanese Wagyu. To complete our extraordinary dishes, we serve our meat with the best ingredients from local entrepreneurs. Our Vlees & Co colleagues are very knowledgeable. They are happy to give you great advice and serve matching wines, good beers and delicious cocktails.

We will do everything we can to provide you with a unique and great evening. And because we want to be and remain the best steakhouse in the Netherlands, we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know how your experience with us was!

Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu is the most delicate and exclusive beef in the world. Wagyu literally meanse ‘Japanese cow’. The Wagyu cows are kept as a herd of suckler cows, the calves of which spend at least 9 months with their mother.
Due to its ultimate fat marbling, Japanese Wagyu beef is buttery soft and extremely full of flavour.
Therefore it’s often referred to as the Queen of Steaks.


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